January 30, 2012

God is love... Not!

Millions of believers worship a god with the personality of a five year old. Jealous, angry, homophobe, sexphobe, racist and most of all an attention freak. But those are the things you wont hear in churches, temples, mosques etc. the only time when gods wrath is discussed is to instill fear and control over the believers. If you do certain things, believe in anything “other than” or dare to question, you will be punished. A typical mind control technique by cults and religion.
The excuses to cover or distort all the evil that god does in the bible, by believers (apologists) are almost endless. books of most if not all religions are filled with hate, racism, chauvinism, murder, rape, incest, and many times contradicting "facts" that make no sense in the real world.
Every religion (ok most. but definitely including the biggest ones- Christianity, Judaism and Muslim) preaches love, but under the mask and inside the book there is allot of hate.

January 24, 2012

Why Atheism is love?

Most religious people, groups, organizations and leaders see Atheism as a threat. That is a fact.

Many, if not all believers will attest to the fact that Atheism and love contradict themselves. This is far from the truth. In comparison to religion Atheists don’t judge anyone for anything except for the character and moral behavior of individual to others. An atheist parent will not disown his or her own child only because that child is gay. An atheist parent will not reject his or her child for an interracial relationship. An atheist will love their family members and any other human being under only one condition, if that human being is a good person. Nothing else matters. No race, religion affiliation, age, sex, or color. That’s love.